Tips for Making Your Engagement Photoshoot Fun & Successful

 At least once a week I get an email from a panicked bride wondering how to make her engagement photoshoot unique, special and beautiful. And no wonder! Engagement photoshoots are a once in a lifetime experience for couples seeking to commemorate a short and sweet season in their lives as they prepare for their Big Day.

So, I've put together a few tips and tricks for couples looking to make their engagement photoshoot memorable and reflective of their personalities. Let's take a look!

Use props that mean something to you
Props can be a fun and unique way to incorporate unique details from your dating relationship or to leak the secret of your chosen wedding date. Couples who love to enjoy nature together can make the most of a picnic-themed session by bringing blankets, baskets, and even a little wine to create an interesting backdrop for your photoshoot.

Using "&" signs, bold letters, chalkboards, balloons, flowers, hats, umbrellas, or signs can help your personality and your love story to shine through your engagement photos!

Even the smallest props can make an impact. View more of this photoshoot here.

Keeping the wedding casual? Opt for a coffee-shop shoot. More photos of this photoshoot here.

Create unique stationary by using your photo as a backdrop for invitations, save the dates and thank-you cards. More photos of this shoot here.

Keep things fresh with a picnic themed photoshoot at your favourite park. Use flowers, blankets & baskets as props! More photos from this photoshoot here.
Chalkboards are a great way to, you know, be as cute as humanly possible. More photos from this photoshoot here.

Choose a versatile location 
Our photoshoot packages last one hour, and we can get a lot of photos taken in that time! Our style is to keep things flowing consistently and we love to move from location to location in one area to help you get the most out of your photoshoot. Choosing a location with lots of opportunities for unique photos is a good start to creating a successful photoshoot!

In Toronto, we love to walk around High Park, Liberty Village, and the unique neighbourhoods the great city has to offer.

High Park in Toronto. More photos from this photoshoot here.

Liberty Village in Toronto. More photos from this photoshoot here.

Front Street in Toronto. More photos from this photoshoot here.

Be yourself
The best way to commemorate your engagement is by letting your personality shine through your photos. Our team of photographers have a fun, relaxed and professional attitude to help you feel comfortable behind the camera. Our goal is to let you be yourselves as a couple (and hopefully to forget we're even there!)
Having fun in High Park! More from this photoshoot here.

Having fun at the park! More photos from this photoshoot here.

A little romance. More from this photoshoot here.

A little romance. More of this photoshoot here.

Let's Plan Yours!
 Let us know if the team at New Vintage Media can help plan the perfect engagement photoshoot for you! Get in touch with us by visiting our website at www.newvintagemedia.ca or email Samantha, our booking consultant, at info@newvintagemedia.ca today!

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