Choosing the Right Photographer For Your Wedding Day

Choosing the right photographer and cinematographer for your wedding day is one of the most important decisions you can make. No pressure.

To help you make the right choice, we believe that there are four key things you can do to help choose the right photography and cinematography team for your wedding day. Let's take a look.

You choose the cake, the dress, the invitations and the florals to suit your special theme and style - what better way to compliment everything else you've put effort into creating than to keep your memories fitting in the same way?

When choosing a photographer or cinematographer's style, ensure that their photos fit with the theme your wedding is going for - and remember that photographers and cinematographers are often willing to be versatile and work with you to achieve the style you're looking for.

When we work with couples, we ask them to create an inspiration board on Pinterest for us to review prior to shooting the wedding - that way, we can have a really great idea of what they're looking for.

But remember: style doesn't exclusively refer to the final look of your photos or videos. It's important to choose a photography and cinematography team that jives with your personality, too. You'll be spending a lot of time with your media team on your wedding day, so choose a team that's going to take the job seriously and help you to cherish every moment of your day.

At New Vintage Media, we like to give couples and families a little room to breathe. We will always work with you to create beautiful formal shots, but we specialize in capturing the real candid moments. We know how important this day is to you and your loved ones, and will approach weddings with a relaxed and professional attitude that will compliment everything you have worked to achieve.

Wedding photography and cinematography is an investment in memories that will last a lifetime. It's important to remember that in every industry "you get what you pay for": the same is true for wedding photography and cinematography. While your Uncle Jim might have had a great time practicing his photography craft in high school - or a student will do the job on the cheap - we recommend trusting professionals with experience to capture your special memories in a way that will reflect their importance. Your photos and videos will be with your family for generations.

Looking for a final value? TheKnot.com suggests spending between 10% - 12% of your overall wedding budget on photo & video.

At New Vintage Media, our photographers and cinematographers not only bring a professional skill set, minimum of 2 seasons' experience, training from our lead photographer and lead cinematographer, but you as the client are protected by a contract and great guarantees reflected in our price packages.

We believe that living within your means is a great way to prepare for your marriage - that's why we provide a variety of packages to suit every need and price point. Contact our booking consultant to start a conversation about what we can offer you!

Trusting a photography and cinematography team to capture one of the most important days of your lives together means choosing a team that values professionalism. Look for a team with experience, knowledge of how to work in a variety of lighting situations, timely response to your emails or calls, and a professional attitude.

At New Vintage Media, all of our photographers are professionally trained in specialized photo or video programs, and have a minimum of 2 seasons' experience in wedding photography or cinematography. John - our owner and editor - has been in the industry for over five years and graduated from Humber College's Creative Photography program. We value professionalism because we're working for you.

The peace of mind that comes with a turnover guarantee is unmatchable. At New Vintage Media, we have a guaranteed turnover rate ranging from 4 to 6 weeks plus mailing time; we guarantee a minimum number of stylized and edited photos with our various packages; and we guarantee to hold your photos for a minimum of five years following your wedding day. Our staff works full-time to ensure that your photos and video are in your hands at the earliest possible time.

Looking to learn more about New Vintage Media? Check out our website at www.newvintagemedia.ca - we offer wedding photography and cinematography services across Ontario and to destination weddings.

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