#Swoony Tuesday | Things We Love This Week

This last week has been filled with much dreaming. Dreams of travel, of home life, of where we "see" ourselves going. To dream, you need to feel inspired; you need to hope, and enjoy, and relax. 

Here's what's inspiring us to dream this week:

1. Hand Lettering
Maybe it's just because we like all things Old & Good, but hand lettering has really caught my attention this week and is becoming a craft I think I'd like to dabble in. Who knows, maybe I'll get the hang of it! To learn, I've been using the free worksheets provided by Ian Barnard for upper & lowercase serif fonts - probably a good place to start. I've also loved following the showcase accounts Type Gang, Goodtype and The Fancy Cat Studio for major inspiration. 

Get started with free practice worksheets here and follow on Instagram here.
2. HomesCOOLing
With our eldest little lady (nearly 4) set to start kindergarten this coming September, we've been dabbling with the idea of homeschooling. It seems overwhelming and awesome and beautiful and, if you're a part of the Wild and Free community, pretty cool. I'm not one for bandwagon hopping, but you can't argue with a Good Thing becoming a trendy thing. Plus, their beautiful resources and support offered for homeschool parents make it seem a little less lonely. If only they were in Canada..!

Wild & Free | Making Homeschool Not-Wierd

3. Good Music: The Wealthy West | Long Play
February is a good time to pick some new music, and this is a good album for working along to. It sits nicely in the background without becoming a distraction, but I can't stop humming along either. Listen for free on The Drop here.

4. Supersmart Inventions
Okay, this one might be appreciated by parents only, but IndieGoGo this week has blown up with "Mifold", the world's most compact booster seat. It doesn't sound too exciting, I know, but this booster seat can fit in a backpack - meaning that travel between friends' and family's cars doesn't have to mean lugging around a 30 pound chair with a 40 pound child. At over $1.5M raised already, people are catching on to this great invention - and I think we'll be buying in, too. ($75 for 2 booster seats..?! Unbeatable.)

Be inspired!

- Sam

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