How to Bring the Party | Choosing The Right DJ For Your Wedding

There’s 2 things John and I love about weddings: the first is, of course, the act of marriage. Marriage is the best, people. The second, probably not surprisingly, is the PARTY. Believe it or not, though, a good wedding doesn’t always guarantee a good party - no matter how much happiness and joy has spread through the air, people don’t typically stand up and dance without prompting. And music. Good, good music.

That’s why we’ve asked wedding expert Lindsey Palmister (aka. DJ LYNZ) to shed a little light on how to get the party started - and why an iPod just might not do the trick for your supafunpartywedding. (Alright, we had an iPod at our wedding, but it was 2009... the world is a different place now.)

Come find out the answers to some of your most burning questions about how to get the party running all night long!

Q: What elements do you find critical in creating a good party at a wedding?

A: There are few elements that are critical in creating a good party. Number one is the flow of the evening. Being able to transition from ceremony, to cocktail, dinner, speeches, first dances into the night. If there is too much space between any of these elements, you can risk tiring out your guests. If the flow is good, with the appropriate amount of time spent on each activity, it can really charge up a crowd and leave them ready for the party. There’s a fine line between rushing the events, but also between them dragging. The other is the ability for the DJ to read the crowd’s taste. How well can they move through the various genres? Staying long enough to get a reaction from the crowd, but tastefully transitioning so they can cover lots of ground musically, giving everyone the opportunity to run to the dance floor?

Q: Let’s talk to the bride thinking about skipping out on a DJ. What’s wrong with an iPod for a wedding dance?

A: I think it’s about understanding your wants and needs. If you want a great party, where your guests are on the dance floor and partying with you, then hire a DJ! The problem with using an iPod for wedding music is dead air and the inability to take the party where it wants/needs to go. As a DJ, I don’t walk into a party with a pre-determined set list. I walk in with an open mind and immediately start scanning the room to determine what types of music the guests would enjoy listening too. Taking everything into consideration and also, reading the dancefloor as the night moves forward. Are they enjoying the selections? What types of songs will give the response I’m looking for?  An iPod just doesn’t offer that quality of discretion.

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a DJ?

A: The number one thing I love is seeing people dance. I don’t think there is another joy as great as when a person lets loose and shares their moves with friends on the dance floor. I’ve witnessed everything, from grandmas letting loose, to toddlers stealing the show, to the best friend that just happens to tour with Taylor Swift. It’s so much fun to witness the happiness that overcomes people when they dance.

Q: John and I met you at Dave & Shira’s wedding in 2015 and the party did not stop! The dance floor was always full. What did you love about DJ-ing for Dave & Shira’s wedding?

A: Funny, I anticipated Dave and Shira’s wedding for almost a year and a half, in a good way! I knew their guests were going to be ready to dance and party from the first meeting I had with them. Dave (having DJ’d himself) and Shira (playlist maker extraordinaire) both absolutely LOVE music. It was a lot of fun to receive their music selections and dive through all their requests. The best part for me was learning a bunch of new songs. Some dance, but lots from their ceremony, cocktail and dinner requests as well. Many have been filtered into my own lists, with great reception from other clients as well. The other part was seeing their entire vision come to fruition. As you witnessed from your own work, these two had a very strong image of how they wanted their day to look and feel, which they achieved with great success. A lot of that was creating an atmosphere for a great party!

Q: There’s a million DJ services available in the Toronto / GTA area. What makes DJ LYNZ unique?

A: I feel DJ LYNZ & Company brings a lot to the table in terms of experience, confidence and skill level. We are absolutely passionate about music and we understand the role music plays at each event. Some people may not notice, but we are keenly aware that music has the ability to manipulate the atmosphere of an event drastically or subtly. That intuition combined with our technical ability to mix songs seamlessly, gives us an edge and quality that can get lost with larger scale companies. Our client’s needs and desires are number one, and we will do whatever possible to achieve what they feel is a success.

Want to learn more about DJ LYNZ & Company? DO IT!

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