#SwoonyTuesday | Things We Love This Week

This past week has been a good one for the Internet, and with nursing a new babe 27 hours a day, I’ve had a little extra time to take a peek at my phone. 

Here’s some things we love this week of February 2, 2016.

1. Baby Montana Joy.

Check her out. Is she not the cutest thing you’ve seen all year? This is our newest baby, born last Wednesday, January 27. This little Turtle can s.n.u.g.g.l.e. and she fits in so well with her Big Sisters Lilian & Everlea! We’re a family of 5 now, people! From the 2 newlywed students who started this thing in 2009 to now, the New Vintage Media family has grown! Literally! Follow our family’s personal instagram for more of the cuteness-ness.

2. The new jewelry collection freshly released by Jessica Wolf.

Get this Shades of Blue bracelet ova-hurr.

I’ll be honest, most of my jewelry comes from one designer, and I’m not sorry about it. Check out this new collection fresh off the ..jewelry table?.. for 2016. This Shades of Blue Bracelet is my favourite, but the Sourire Necklace comes in a close second, and I can’t think of anyone the pyrite & brass Fools Gold earrings wouldn’t look stunning on. Use the coupon code FREEFIFTY for free shipping over $50. Valentine’s Day is upon us... you have no excuses to hold back.

3. This unique baby shower gift roundup by Montreal Nest. 

Go straight to the source of this image for all the details & links for where to buy.

Emily’s unique baby shower gift roundup is on. point. Diapers are great, and onesies are sweet, but if you bring me a t-shirt that says Mama Bird, you win the whole game.

4. The Two Guys Bowtie Co. and all of their swag.

Get it here.

This wooden beard comb set caught John’s eye this week, and the Bourbon-Sandalwood scent is so manly and wonderful, I’ll be adding that to his birthday gift list for sure. Of course, these guys are known for their wooden ties and this Classic Floyd Combo seems like the perfect gift - and an incredible accessory for any Groom. The Two Guys Bowtie Co. is killing it right now and I suggest you find out why. 

And that’s our weekly roundup for #SwoonyTuesday! Suggestions for what’s awesome on the internet? Get in touch with us at info@newvintagemedia.ca to let us know!

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