How to Curate a Mood Board & Wedding Pinterest Board

Pinterest is such an amazing tool for helping to plan your wedding (or your outfit, or your meal, or your future kids’ high school prom theme…), but as with all social media, there is certainly a trick to getting the most out of Pinterest.

Create a Mood Board

Before planning the details of your wedding and searching for specific ideas on Pinterest, first create a mood board for your wedding day. A mood board is a collection of your fonts, colour schemes, textures and a select few photos of inspiration all in one location; a few examples we love are here, here, and here

How to Create a Mood Board

You don’t need to have all of the details laid out for your wedding when creating a mood board; in fact, it’s better if you don’t. You likely have a general idea of what you would like to see out of your wedding day (glam? boho? trendy? retro? vintage?) and this mood board solidifies your ideas and puts them all in one place.

You can create a mood board using Photoshop if you have access to it, but for those that are a little less tech savvy, here’s a tutorial for how to create a mood board using Microsoft Word.

Start Planning & Pinning
Once your mood board is created, print it out and save a copy to your phone. Then, set up multiple Pinterest boards for your wedding day. If you’re looking to keep the wedding theme a surprise to most of your guests, consider making your Pinterest boards secret. 

We recommend having three Pinterest boards: 

1. Stationary, design and decor
2. Hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes and dress
3. Photography you love

Is It Consistent?
When pinning to your three boards, remember to stack everything against your mood board. In order to avoid having hundreds of photos added to each board that aren’t actually relevant to your wedding, ask yourself if the photo you want to Pin inspires you specifically to implement an idea, theme or ideal final product into your wedding.

It All Flows Together!
Because you are stacking all of your Pins against your completed mood board, your Pinterest boards will have a cohesive flow and actually lend to the planning of your wedding day. It will be far more helpful for you to have a collection of photos that are related and inspirational to you, than hundreds of pins that might be beautiful and lovely but entirely unhelpful when planning your day or helping your bridesmaids and family members get an idea of the final look you hope to achieve with your wedding. 

Happy pinning!

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