Spring Engagement Session | Kortright Conservation Centre | Photography by New Vintage Media

Kelly and Mike are getting married this July and the time (finally!) came for these two to have their spring-inspired engagement session with with me (Sam!). We chose to take their engagement photos at the Forests of Kortright in Vaughan, Ontario because of their love for all things nature, and brought along a few floral props just to make sure we got the lovely spring feel they were hoping for. The Forests of Kortright are a great location to escape the city, take a stroll, have a picnic, or even host your wedding.  

Lately I’ve had some major inspiration with moodier, darker photos juxtaposed against a bright and happy subject. As artists, our editing and shooting style is constantly developing, growing and changing and I feel as though I’m in a new season of life personally and in business and have found a new style that reflects my current inspiration - even in terms of content! Look at the buds on the trees in contrast with last fall's leaves on the ground. Life is contrast; spring is such a sweet time for all things new, for fresh perspectives, but also for remembering where we have been and bringing those experiences along with us.   
In terms of working with the couple, these two were a breeze. Full of love and laughter, I had an amazing opportunity to capture how much these sweethearts are totally and completely in it to win it. This shoot was light and lovely, filled with just the right amount of romance, and I’m so happy with the final result.  

As you take a look at these photos, please take a moment of silence to reflect on the BEAUTY that is Kelly's teardrop engagement ring. Swooooooon.   


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