Valentina & Trevor | Tobermory Adventure in the Bruce Peninsula | Engagement Shoot by New Vintage Media

Valentina & Trevor are just the sweetest couple and when we met them back in the winter they mentioned to us that they love the great outdoors. So, it was no surprise when they suggested that we head to one of their most favourite spots for their engagement shoot: The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park in Tobermory, Ontario.

We had never been there before and thought it would be a fun day out as a family, so the whole clan piled in for the drive! Unfortunately we were hit with rain but still had a good time with the kids at the local museum before the shoot began. I recommend stopping by if you're in town!

While Valentina, Trevor and I were out getting the shoot on its way, John took the kids to a local pub for some good eats. The Crow's Nest was so welcoming and lovely to our band of kids and my husband and we want to thank them for their hospitality and patience!

We met up at the entrance of the trail and the air was cold and misty - it had been raining all day and finally let up, just before the shoot. (Thumbs up to the Google Weather app for predicting that one right on point!) My dad had gifted me a pair of Merrell hiking boots a few years back and we all had a good laugh at the sentiment because I'm not your typical hiker. Or any kind of hiker. But, when I learned that it was a 1 KM walk to get to the magical Carribbean-like oasis on the Bruce Trail, I strapped them on and climbed some rocks with this super wonderfully adventurous couple!

If you haven't been to The Grotto in Tobermory, I suggest you go. The amazing location is likely best with kids over the age of 10 and a decent pair of shoes.


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