Pavel & Sarah's Opposites Attract Engagement Shoot - Part One

Pavel and Sarah are such a unique couple in that they are polar. opposites. Their tastes could not be more diverse if they tried, but for some reason, these two are the perfect pair. That's why we did a two part "opposites attract" engagement shoot; part one photographed by John in a downtown Financial District setting, to the liking of Pavel - part two photographed by Samantha in the setting sun at High Park, bringing in soft and lovely components that carry meaning to Sarah.

First, the couple met John at SpeakEasy 21 in the Financial District and started the session with a cocktail. Pavel knows a good cocktail; being the owner of Good Game Bar in Toronto, recognized for its excellence in top-quality mixed drinks, this was the perfect way to start this part of the shoot. Next, the couple took to the streets of the Financial District in Toronto, making use of some of the city's most amazing architecture and capturing the urban vibe that Pavel loves. They had fun exploring this part of the city and John did such a wonderful job capturing this element of their relationship.

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