Pavel & Sarah's Opposites Attract Engagement Shoot - Part Two

We shared previously about the importance of a two-part "opposites attract" engagement shoot for the beautiful couple, Sarah and Pavel. Once their Toronto Financial District Engagement Shoot was complete, we made our way to the grassy fields of High Park, Toronto to complete a Parisian Picnic inspired engagement shoot, executed perfectly by Sarah.

This second part of the engagement shoot highlights some gorgeous and soft details and points to the lilac colour tones that will be incorporated into the couple's destination wedding next year. I loved being able to capture this couple's romantic picnic in the park and hope you enjoy the soft and sweet photos we took together.

During our time together, Pavel and Sarah told us the sweetest stories of how they are just so completely different from one another, and how they compliment each other so perfectly. They summed it up with a cute little story about food (who doesn't love a good story about food?): often, the couple can't agree on what to eat for dinner. She loves one type of cooking, and he can't stand it; he prefers to eat a certain way, and she can't see why.

But when it comes to chicken... this couple has it figured out. She loves dark meat; he loves white meat; and when they roast a chicken, everyone is happy. They are each the missing half in the other's life and it gives me all the good feels to see such a beautiful love story unfolding.


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